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Planting carrots

April 1, 2009

I’d mentioned earlier that I was hoping to incorporate the “achievement” reward model from videogames for our Community Almanac project at work. I think I made a good case, but it’s looking likely that the concept of Deeds is on the chopping block (for now).

The discovery this week that Hunch has a variation of this approach (to say nothing of Slashdot’s announcement today) convinced me to go ahead and write down the list I’d pitched, in the event that it’s interesting to anyone else.

Tentative Community Almanac Deed List

  • …and I approve this message: Give positive feedback on 5 pages
  • Voracious reader: Read 20 pages
  • Social Butterfly: View 10 user profiles
  • You’re it: Tag 5 pages
  • I’ve said my piece: Comment on an existing page
  • Read all about it: Email an existing page to a friend
  • Community Klaxon: Flag a page which ultimately gets removed
  • Hello, my name is: Create an account
  • Wherever you may go: Follow a page
  • These are my people: Follow an almanac
  • And furthermore: Add a new page responding to an existing page
  • Allow me to introduce myself: Complete your account (add location, image, etc)
  • Red rover: Invite a friend to contribute
  • Sounding board: Comment on 10 existing pages
  • Scribe: Create a page
  • Poet Laureate: Have a page you’ve created get at least 10 thumbs-up responses
  • Allow me to retort: Respond to a comment someone makes on a page you created
  • Whisper well: Private-message someone
  • Gazeteer: Create 5 pages
  • Welcome wagon: Have a friend you’ve invited create an account
  • Comrades-in-arms: Have a friend you’ve invited create a page
  • Community Historian: Create 10 pages
  • Community Archivist: Create 20 pages

I think we’re going to see a lot more of this kind of cross-pollination in the near future, and hope I manage to find a project to use it on.

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